All our dog beds are made in the UK
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What our customers say about our dog beds...

A Bespoke Waterproof bed purchased from us for Mandy and her beautiful dog.  I think she likes the space and the fact that she has a built in pillow.  Sleep well my friend.

I have been using the dog mat in the back of my car and it's just fantastic! It keeps the car clean and when the mat gets dirty I can just hose it down.


Thought I would send you some pics of the dog mat in action.



Just received the bed and as you can see by the photos attached my 7 months old Golden Retriever really liked it. I find it very sturdy and easy to clean.


Definitely satisfied with my purchase.



We received our order on you can see the dogs loved their new beds.


Thanks they're fantastic, worth every penny. We have four dogs and five cats in total... the bigger dog,
Vic by the way is usually happy to share his beds with the others however he hasn't been so keen with this one!says it all. Thanks again.



We’ve had two Kudos dog beds for a few weeks now, and are very impressed with the high quality.


Tommy and Frankie in their Dog Beds


As you can see Frankie and Tommy are also very impressed with the comfort. 


Lesley, Chipping Sodbury

From the moment my old dog Zac (German Shepherd) was given his new dog bed he has loved it. He used to be in a plastic dog basket with a couple of old pillows and blanket but his new bed is so much better for him and so much less smelly than his pillows and blanket! Being waterproof it gets a regular wash down outside and is dry in minutes and when he flops down on it looks so cosy and comfortable. These days telling him “go basket!” is no punishment at all. Thanks.


Steve, Swindon