Bespoke Dog Coats

We know that there are times when we all need a coat.  Our four legged friends are just the same.  At and Dog Beds UK we think that a dog coat should be stylish, comfortable and functional.

Our dog coats come in a number of sizes but we are also able to make dog coats to your own specifications.  To make a coat to your own specification we will need a number of measurements from you.  

 Four of our Dog Coats   Green Waterproof Dog Coat
with one elastic strap.  This is
a shower coatand has a
material lining.  Show with
a stylish Red Onesie.
  Burgundy Waterproof Dog
Coat with two elastic straps
and fleece lined. Ideal for
the winter.


Measurement Guide for Dog Coat

For a bespoke Dog Coat please measure your dog using the following guide. Send us the measurements together with a photo of your dog. Let us know what kind of coat you would like.

Please note: Once you have given us the measurements for your dog and the dog coat has been made, we will unable to offer a refund if the size is incorrect as the dog coat will have been made to your specific to your needs.

For more information please contact us at

What we would suggest is that you measure your dog and then get a second person to take the same measurements. You should both have the same figures.