Bespoke Dog Beds

Tilly - The Company Yorkshire Terrier 


We are very fortunate at Quality Dog Beds to have our very own mascot.  Tilly joined us in May 2014 and has become a wonderful asset to the company.  To say she is a major part of what we do is an understatement.  

Tilly's First PhotoI have always wanted to have a dog of my own and for some reason thought that it would be difficult to have one as I work full time.  Luckily the owner of the building Quality Dog Beds works from has said that he is happy to allow dogs into the office.  So within about 48 hours I have found Tilly and she came to live with me.

As a puppy she would always stick out her tongue.  I had wondered if she would continue to do this, but she only does this when she is scared and nervous.  

As she has grown up her personality has become apparent and between you and me, she can a little bit of a bully, a bit bombastic and totally adorable.