• Bespoke beds available
  • All beds are fully washable
  • Fast drying times
  • Spare covers available for most products
  • Hard wearing materials
  • Tough and durable
  • Plenty of designs
  • New range of toys coming soon

Hello and welcome to Quality Dog Beds

We are a small friendly team that have found a passion for our pets and as a result found a passion for Dog Beds.  I know, not the usual type of passion but I promise you, we are normal people and have the highest regard for our customers that is mirrored in our customer services.  We are at the end of the phone (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm) if you have any queries and always reply to emails and questions.

All our Dog Beds are designed in the United Kingdom and where possible they are also made in the United Kingdom.  We have two major suppliers Danish Designs and Gor Pets.

Dog Bed Girls - The Humans

Quality Dog Beds is run by Julie Farmer and Mizzy Lockewood (see below).  We both have a passion for dogs and the products on this site.  Julie is the lady in charge and makes most of the decisions. However if you ask her, she would, in all probability tell you that Mizzy runs the website and has the ultimate knowledge of the stock we hold.   Mizzy really runs the show so if you have any queries I would recommend you ask for her.

Julies favourite product has to be our Puppies Bed and Mizzy just loves the Waggles Flying Jacket/Coat.  I think its the name more than anything!!!!


Julie Farmer                                                      Mizzy Lockwood

Danish Designs

Our first supplier is a company called Danish Designs.  Their dog beds are designed and made in Britain.  Danish Designs products may use a few items within their bed that had to be sourced from overseas; but this is kept to the minimum, for example threads to sew the dog beds together.

Gor Pets

Our second supplier is a company called Gor Pets.  Although their products are designed in the United Kingdom there products are made in China.  Gor Pets beds are slightly cheaper than Danish Designs because of this.